Hongkong was the last stop of the three week trip in the group and we added on another day before we flew the 13 hours back home. It is a fascinating city of old and new, hi-tech and traditional. We first had a harbor cruise and afterwards drove up to Victoria Peak for the best views. One can pay to get into the platform, but opposite there is a shopping mall with good windows too. We also visited the largest museum with exhibits of crafts, boats, city model and art.

Naturally, we went to visit a temple with buddha statues, puppet figures and many other buildings of interest. My husband bought a nice cell phone downtown, it just needs a different plug for charging. Many Chinese speak quite good English and are always helpful. We sometimes took the underground subway train, cheap and fast.

Downtown Hongkong is a busy, bustling place. There is so much to see and to admire that it is difficult to describe it all. It is rather a shame that the British influence has lessened, but it is wonderful to visit. We can strongly recommend the Maritime Museum down at the water’s edge.

Shanghai by night

Our study group was spontaneously asked whether we would like to go on a boat trip to see Shanghai by night. Naturally we agreed, little knowing that you should book in advance to spare yourself 2 – 3 hours of waiting in the ticket line. Be it as it was, we boarded the ship with many other tourists.

There were drinks, but no seats. All the tourists ran from one side to the other to take the best possible snapshots and it was almost impossible to reach the front row or find something to stand on to get a better view. Still we enjoyed the ride very much!

After Shanghai we flew to Yichang to embark on a larger ship through the Three Gorges Dam. We had to pass several locks to go up the river Yangtse. We also visited a town and a cloister that had been relocated.