Hedwig’s Hundred Household Helpers – Scintillating Silverware

Here is another simple and inexpensive, very old household trick for scintillating silverware and shining silver jewelry :

  • Make sure that no artificial patina coating will be removed off your silver items, you may regret it later. Some silver handles have been treated with a coat of dark color to make them look old20180630_silberbad 2.jpg
  • Take a large bowl or basin – depends on the size of your forks and teapots and jewelry – and line it with household aluminum foil, shiny side showing
  • carefully place your silver pots or necklaces inside
  • Add in a few tablespoons of household salt
  • Pour in hot water until all silver items are well covered
  • Let the bowl stand for a few hours, ensuring that all silver surfaces are exposed to the salt water and aluminum
  • Take out each item and rub the silver gently with a soft cloth, changing sides often to take off the oxidized coating
  • Smile as much as you can to shine along with your sparkling silver20180630_silberbad.jpg

Have you heard this one?

Says one neighbor to the other: “My husband is in his metal age”.

Inquires the neighbor, “Whatever do you mean, ‘metal age’?”

States neighbor no. 1 flatly, “Silver in his hair, gold in his teeth and lead in his legs.”