Love yourself

Dancing is the only Pure Art form!

Yes, I have a reason for feeling better, the narc has disappeared out of our lives, hopefully for good.

You have no idea what it is like to be pitched against a superior with NPD for many years, see his eyes glow and see his sinister smile whenever he thought up a new trap. And all because I happened to stumble over his furious shouting at other people. I never even realized that all the ensuing pitfalls and missing documents were directly from Hell, I attributed them to unlucky mishaps, made excuses, believed the extra work and overlapping projects to be work of an inexperienced person.

Until I had serious burnout. By then I was so overworked I could not fight any sinister workings. Thankfully, it was only being overworked and my resilience grew, as well as my doubts as to the integrity of said person. Yet I had no solid evidence, not a shred of proof.

Finally I had enough of being stripped of all my responsibilities. I calmly sat out the daily rage fits, the silly traps of “now you see it, now you don’t”, noticed the anger whenever I was having fun at my job and the satisfied grin when something was ‘cooking’ again. I even more calmly prepared an important job – suddenly two kids were chanting “You are going to lose your job!”. I thought ‘how?’

Until the day I was suspended. Ten days later I found out I was being accused of injuring 3 persons. As if I had ever touched them, and besides, 28 other bystanders could have testified. No joke, I was also accused of many other things. He admitted to the constant stalking and surveillance.

A whole year later the police, the firemen and the ambulance turned up at my doorstep due to a message he had gotten hold of.

If anything should happen to you, GO PUBLIC. There is nothing more terrifying to a narc than having his doings out in the open. And believe in yourself.

Tic Tac Toe

Oh vanitas! said the old Romans. Often have I wondered why certain people attempt to be over-ambitious and thwart other people’s plans on their way to being at the Top. As if that were the sole purpose of our short lives.

One friend told me about having been bullied for years by her female boss. The lady succumbed to an illness shortly thereafter.

Another, male, wanted to create his own “environment” by ruthlessly gathering information about his employees and then twisting the truth to use it as accusations against them, if they did not do exactly as he wished or if they thought up new, ingenious ideas that could disrupt his secret plans. He seriously hurt several dozen people, emotionally and career-wise, who then had difficulties scrambling back onto the road of normalcy.

Do you remember the movie “War Games” from 1983 with Matthew Broderick? Where a young man attempts a dialogue with the computer he has hacked into and suggests playing the game of Tic tac toe? After numerous runs of the game, the mighty computer gains the insight that no one can win, there is always black and white, good and bad, war and peace. The computer accordingly cancels the initiation of another world war, thus saving the planet Earth.

The current situation in Venezuela is crude: the Venezuelan citizens suffer hunger, thirst, lack of medication, yet are not allowed to pick up aid parcels from trucks on the Colombian side. The military have set up too many barricades, following orders from the Top.

Why can’t people use their common sense and love of one’s fellow man in order to help instead of hinder? We don’t need terrorists and twisted minds. We only have one planet and one life. And the life of either is short. Make peace. Save the planet.