Kloster Baumburg – monastery and brewery

Kloster Baumburg on the river Alz is on a hill to the east of Munich, not too far from Wasserburg or Altötting. Several buildings belong to the ensemble: the large church with a fresco on its steeple that can only be seen from afar, the monastery buildings, now a hostel with a spacious room for rehearsals of orchestras and other music groups, the restaurant and the brewery buildings.

We began our tour in the church where our guide explained how the founder Adelheid zu Megling-Frontenhausen was first married to one man who was unfaithful, then a second who died of the plague and finally the third, Count Berengar I. von Sulzbach, who promised to build the monastery in her honor 1107-09. Adelheid died at the age of thirty, not uncommon in those days. Adelheid and her three husbands are prominent white figures in the large altar picture. Beneath you can see the provost Eberwin who had Augustinian canons come from the abbey in Berchtesgaden.

The year 1600 saw a revival of the collegiate school and the Baroque transformation of the Gothic church and medieval buildings, such as adding the “Zwiebeltürme”, the onion-shaped domes on the steeples. Later, in 1755, the architect Mayr rebuilt church St. Margareta yet again with rococo frescoes and stucco filigrees. Some proverbs and sayings are depicted in the ceiling frescoes, such as the devil seizing a Protestant “May the devil get you” – “Möge dich der Teufel holen”.

The Bavarian secularization stopped all religious purposes for a while when monastery buildings were auctioned off or destroyed. One wing still serves as a seminar hotel as aforementioned. The Baumburg Abbey brewery from 1612 is privately owned. Don’t forget to shop for a six-pack with a selection of your favorite beers, Export and Bock (about 8-10 €). Finish your visit with a delicious meal washed down with light or dark beer in the restaurant.