Hedwig’s Hundred Household Helpers – Scintillating Silverware

Here is another simple and inexpensive, very old household trick for scintillating silverware and shining silver jewelry :

  • Make sure that no artificial patina coating will be removed off your silver items, you may regret it later. Some silver handles have been treated with a coat of dark color to make them look old20180630_silberbad 2.jpg
  • Take a large bowl or basin – depends on the size of your forks and teapots and jewelry – and line it with household aluminum foil, shiny side showing
  • carefully place your silver pots or necklaces inside
  • Add in a few tablespoons of household salt
  • Pour in hot water until all silver items are well covered
  • Let the bowl stand for a few hours, ensuring that all silver surfaces are exposed to the salt water and aluminum
  • Take out each item and rub the silver gently with a soft cloth, changing sides often to take off the oxidized coating
  • Smile as much as you can to shine along with your sparkling silver20180630_silberbad.jpg

Have you heard this one?

Says one neighbor to the other: “My husband is in his metal age”.

Inquires the neighbor, “Whatever do you mean, ‘metal age’?”

States neighbor no. 1 flatly, “Silver in his hair, gold in his teeth and lead in his legs.”


Hedwig’s Hundred Household Helpers – deep drain drainage

Meet my wise white owl Hedwig (whom we all know from Harry’s Owlery). She has flown in to help us with quick-fix, inexpensive and (last but not least) ecologically-friendly ways to get our household in better shape. Our problem was the kitchen drain. The plumber warned us never ever to use Drano et alia again, as that would inevitably and eternally damage our water pipes made of concrete. We tried to coax our drains not to get clogged again – the repair cum cleaning job is rather time-consuming and not so cheap – but Ollivander’s wands refused to do the trick. A friend stumbled over a nice online article the other day and – it works! So here goes:

In a mug or cup mix equal parts of salt and soda. Pour into your previously cleaned drain and wait a moment.

Then pour in the same amount of clear vinegar essence (Essigessenz) and watch the white foam bubble up.

Wait for a bit and wash it all down with a goodly amount of hot water.

Enjoy your bath and basins again!

Have you heard this one already?

  • “From my bedroom, I can watch the sun set .”
  • “That’s nothing. From my bedroom, I can watch the kitchen sink.”

If you’re not grinning, you should work on your double meanings….