The Goetz Collection, Munich

The Goetz Collection was the private art collection of Ms. Goetz, an heiress of a large enterprise. She bought a large lot in Oberföhring, Munich and had the old house torn down. The famous architects Herzog & De Meuron (Peking: Egg’s Nest, Tate Modern) were hired to erect a modern building affording a lot of natural light to house her collection.

The result is very pleasing, light and airy, using a lot of glass. As Ms. Goetz’ children did not want to continue caring for the art works, the entire collection was legued to the Bavarian State. The exhibitions are composed entirely of pieces from the collection, the rest is archived or on loan to other museums, such as Das Haus der Kunst. My favorite was a kind of “Puff the Magis Dragon” made entirely out of cigarettes. I also liked the window etchings of events, private and historic, with dates, denoting the most important influences on Ms. Goetz.

The Collection is open to the public on Thursday – Saturday afternoons, upon request. Art historians offer guided tours, which are worth having for modern and postmodern art. There is a limited amount of lockers and a small wardrobe. Photos are not permitted except for the sculpture garden. The current exhibition of pieces by women of several generations is highly interesting. This Part 3 goes until June 2019.

Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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