Puerto Montt and Puerto Vara, Chile

Puerto Montt has a large port and therefore we had a stop planned there. Unfortunately, entry and departure from the country are rather complicated and quite lengthy, as fruit and vegetables besides possible plant diseases must be controlled in order to save their own crops for exportation. Visa fees per person are also relatively high, thus dissuading ship captains from frequently stopping at ports.

At the southern tip we were able to see some glaciers between the mountain slopes, then it was uninterrupted salty sea till Puerto Montt.

We took buses out to the Osorno volcano, and Petrohué, a smallish but pretty waterfall and a pond and the river on the other side. The front entrance boasts several very nice crafts, coffee and souvenir shops. The forest walks are highly recommendable, although entry is not for free. Our pleasant luncheon was in the Yankee Way Lodge, which is the way you pronounce the volcano’s name Huanquihué. They have a large garden where you can see the volcano. I did not see anyone swimming in the sea, although there are many grassy banks.

Puerto Varas is not far from the Petrohué waterfall nor from Puerto Varas. There are many lakes scattered in this area. If you love water, like I do, you will enjoy the views and the way the small towns nestle around the port. In Puerto Varas we found vestiges of German settlers, like the red fire engine of the German Brigade or the name Haussmann atop the baker’s shop door. The crafts shop is endorsed by the community that is justly proud of their artisans’ skills. Outdoors on the plaza a band was playing and generally the impression was that Chileans do welcome guests.

Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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