Buenos Aires – beautiful air

We spent a few days in Buenos Aires and then all the way to Tierra del Fuego and Cabo de Horno. Altogether it was a very interesting trip, even though I had imagined some things differently.20181223_111054

One thing you should definitely try are the steaks. We went to the Gran Parrilla near the center of town, a former butcher’s shop transformed into a restaurant with a black and white tiled floor.20181222_112351.jpg

We were surprised to see the price of this bottle of water. A bit later we found out the dollar sign is also used for the Argentinian peso, so this bottle costs about €5,50.

An unfortunate occurrence was our first outing in direction of the Casa Rosada (presidential palace). We suddenly felt wet splashes on our clothes and neck with a young man shouting “Senora!” at the top of his lungs. Although he looked trustworthy, we first looked around to see where the muddy and acid-smelling stains had come from. We talked quietly to each other and continued taking pictures. After a few minutes four or so men walked off, looking back at us. We decided to wash our shirts immediately at the hotel and change clothes. To our complete surprise, I noticed a sign on the concierge’s desk saying that these men are professional pickpockets. They will rush up to “help” and walk away with the booty! So it seems our calmness irritated them.

In the Museo Nacional del Cabildo
Buenos Aires from the docks
The owner and the dancers
In the ranch owner’s mansion
Buenos Aires - gauchos - museum - Japanese garden
The patio of the estancia

What a pity I can’t show any photos of the fantastic tango show we saw, near the Casa Rosada, because it was not allowed. But our ride out to the gaucho ranch was superb: They rode their horses and danced and offered juicy dishes and cold drinks. We had a gorgeous sunny day.

Naturally everybody wants to see the Casa Rosada, the park in front, the Cathedral and the Cabildo museum opposite.

We also greatly enjoyed seeing the Japanese garden, lovingly sculpted with skyscrapers towering in the background. Some employees taught “instant Ikebana” classes in the shade of tents and the café sells ice cream and refreshments. There is also a program of events.

Getting around by underground or bus is fairly easy, but some places still demand a brisk walk. It was a great experience, albeit too short.


Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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