Il percorso salute on the Isle of Elba

When tired of swimming and snorkeling and in the need of stretching your legs, you can climb up the picturesque but not quite easy walk “percorso salute”. The first steps are above the marine center of the spiaggia or beach Biodola to the west of Portoferraio.

The steps lead up to a flagstone path which is pleasantly shaded by the brush and steep rock face on one side and precariously leaning fence parts and steep stairs to some rocks below on the other side. You overlook the entire bay and the many boats anchored there.

You continue up and quite soon you see the entrance to a sort of tunnel through the rocks, which are yellow and ferrous red in turns with a moist flooring, almost like in a mine. In between there is another lookout, but entirely without any barrier to the rocks below.

After emerging from the rock tunnel, the path is rather deteriorated, part of the path is broken away and at times there are only remnants, so be sure to wear proper shoes. The path winds around and goes up some more steps and you reach a dirt path under trees, leading to a small pebble beach with clear, deep-blue water and more ships and boats. Happy landing in Porticciolo!


Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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