Curiosity killed the Cat – or nearly

As most people will affirm, I am one of the most curious people there can be and am constantly, consistently asking questions. I do believe I get on people’s nerves with my harrowing habit, but it does make people proud when they have been able to help me out and gain access to fresh knowledge.

As to killing a cat with its nine lives? (or possibly even more). When I started getting too close to the truth in a wide affair that went all the up to the top levels, I am quite convinced that I was purposely almost driven over by a a SUV whose driver had a red stop light whereas the pedestrians were flashing green, and I had instinctively stopped, as the driver was going top speed, over the top even. And this only weeks after a very good friend had died after being at the dentist’s for a root canal treatment (Wurzel-behandlung). I was feeling rather unsettled anyway. As if the near fatal accident was just the prolongation of what I was feeling while wandering outside of the  ceramics class, where I was trying to regain my inner balance  by checking out the café up the street and visiting some old friends. Neither did I like the way another vehicle revved up and nearly knocked over a nice lady I was talking to about the mini car series being more difficult to park near to, as they don’t have a longer front chassis.

20180626lemon bowl.jpg

Be it as it was, I shall always be a cat with nine lives and continue to ask questions, it is the most fascinating part of life there can be anyway, finding out more about a certain area of life and honing one’s skills.  As with Schroeder’s cat, you only know if the cat is alive by looking into the box. Until then, you cannot know whether it is alive or dead.

The featured photo above, btw (by the way for those not used to acronyms) is not a painting nor a collage, but a flowery wall in a town that decided to make their place greener. I find it almost as fascinating as a painting of blue iris by Van Gogh. You may have noticed that a painting that make you happy always goes upwards from the bottom left to the top right.


Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus!  Even the Romans knew about happiness. Perhaps that is why they also celebrated libertatis voluntas?

Or, as the song goes:

Happiness is              –      different things for different kinds of people!  Biography of hunger – hunger for more and more knowledge by Amélie Nothomb.


Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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