Summer in the City (of Munich)

My dearest hubby took this photo and I find it amazing the way the water of the lake mirrors the clouds in the sky at “Evensong”‘s time of day (fond memory of London’s St. Paul’s). These are “a few of my favorite things” (to quote The Sound of Music).

Summer in the City doesn’t have to be hot and sweltering. there are so many cool places to go to, like one of the many lakes which are all more than suitable for bathing, dining, playing beach volley, hanging out, BBQing in one of the earthen pits, staring at the FKK area (if you can’t help it, I prefer looking at the old trees and the young ducks), snorkeling (rather dark and ugly-looking fish in the Feringasee).IMG-20180717-WA0001.jpg

Summer in the City can also be a lifestyle thing. Whereas some like lazing in the sun and others in the water, some prefer walking their dogs or hanging on a sofa indoors.  We had a BBQ party yesterday, loads of kids and, just as I had remembered from my two kids, mostly sausages, Brezen and ice cream, Mom said NO COKE. That was unfortunate, cos’ that’s my party drink. 20180723_065516.jpg

Today I am off on a photo safari that goes by the name of “With the correct color temperature you can take better photos”. Well, we had something like 30° on the parking lot where we were told to practice taking photos of the other participants. It was highly interesting knowing that you are able to turn your photo into a masterpiece simply by observing the tricks of lighting an object or person properly and getting a “warm-toned” photo of approx. 5200 Kelvin on a scale of lighting.


Other summer breaks, if you are not into standing in endless traffic jams on the Autobahn or waiting long hours in a plane trying to get to the opposite end of the world, are taking the car on an off day during the week and cruising towards your destination, letting chance take care of your sense of adventure.20180724_140655.jpg

If you’d rather stay indoors and have a good breathable “climate”, be sure to include certain plants all over the house to freshen up your air:  spathiphyllum (Einblatt), ficus benjamina (Birkenfeige), aloe vera (a friend of mine brings them back from Crete), Chlorophytum comosum (Agavoideae, orig. from South Africa, also called ribbon plant if the variegated kind, in German : Grünlilie) and  also Epipremnum aureum, of the family of Araceae, native of French Polynesia (in German:  Efeutute). I am always happy to share my home with spiders and green lacewings (insects of the family Chrysopidae, here they are called Florfliegen) and, not to forget, an occasional grasshopper or baby bird that flutters in. I have a lot to do carrying each and every one out again, but I need extra exercise.

Once a few years back, I unfortunately got all the exercise I wanted or not when I discovered that certain wasps, tiny and unobtrusive, were flying in and about my tool-chest cum bench. It is white plastic and usually only the field mouse lives inside when it gets too cold outdoors.  It always chews up something (amazing what it can find ! all sorts of ropes and bags and fertilizer boxes even – yuck. Every year in March I must clean out the chest of the empty hazelnut kernel husks it leaves in a nice heap and survey the chewing disaster should I have forgotten some item in there.

So that year I had forgotten a macramé sisal hanger for my petunias and the mouse had consistently chewed it up nicely and made a nice heap under (sic) the tool-chest and thus the earth-loving yellowjacket wasps (Vespula flaviceps) had added some finely chewed erath to the rope fibres and construed as dandy a nest as ever, about 3 cm high and big and flat, qith loads of baby yellowjackets of course.

mouse 2018.jpg

A call to the fire department : nada.  Not our business.

A call to the Bund Naturschutz (Association for the Protection of Nature): nada. Don’t you dare touch the poor creatures, they are under stiff regulated Protection with a capital P.

So who I call now? Definitely not the insect exterminator, or I’ll have to justify my actions before the Bund Naturschutz and the Firemen and the Government or what not.

So – I grab a spade, roll up my sleeves, pull the sitting tool-bench carefully out of the corner it has always  sat in, check to make sure I have the center of the nest and carefully lift up the main part with the spade. About 12 – 15 steps out of the garden, there is a dry patch under the roof of the opposite house, loads of room for a colony of yellowjackets and no one living there to be in their way, I settle down the nest, go back for leftover nest  bits and presto! all over if it weren’t for the panicky wasp that got tangled in a corner of my blouse and decided to sting in the tender underarm flesh. But I did survive that attack, as so many other yet to come. “Was einen nicht umbringt, macht einen nur stärker.” (If something hasn’t killed you, it will make so much the stronger)

Ah yes, the baby blackbirds are fluttering in their nest waaay up high in the vine that grows  on the south-western house wall. As green as I can get! (not me, the house!)

20180729_201918 wine wall.jpg

Have a great summer! We’re off traveling, to Bregenz, to Elba, to Argentina and Uruguay and Chile. Hope to meet you soon!

Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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