Hedwig’s Hundred Household Helpers: coffee grounds make the world go round

A man in a diner calls out to the employee : “Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud!”

Says the waiter: “Why sure! It was only ground this morning.”

https://www.kaffeeform.com/de/  is the site to go to! They take all those leftover coffee grounds, mix them with some kind of special resin or glue and make fabulous-looking as well as good-smelling cups and saucers out of those very coffee grounds. They do cappuccino cups, larger cups and ! new addition ! the Weducer cup for your coffee-to-go cup. I love not only the smell, but more even the idea. (What I don’t really like are those Nespresso- capsule- flowery- recycled- thingies).  I have also tested the Spülmaschinen -festigkeit / dishwasher proof-ness of the cups and they have survived that test quite well.    kaffeeform Kaffeeform UG (haftungsbeschränkt)  Coffee recycling products

Never fear, there are more ways to re-use those coffee grounds: One is to top up your fertilizer for, most of all, geraniums, but also other flowers. If you are not sure, take less or just use leftover cooled down coffee for watering. Most of my shrubs and flowers enjoy the extra douse or filter with grounds (yes, I hand filter. The Danish/ French press kind was too strong to my taste after a few years). You can simply mix it into the soil underneath the shrubs. Best compost!

IMG-20170401-cafe woerner.jpg

Another way to use them is cleaning your stuffed kitchen drain. Two teaspoons of grounds or so just swoosh down a clogged drain and open it up, together with lots of hot water and liquid detergent / Spüli. I was told off by the handiman NOT to use Drano et alia. as it would corrode the pipes (oh my!).

What I have not yet tried is coffee grounds as a dye for Batik or Easter eggs, so far I have tried chamomile tea and also onion peels, which work well.20170509_VIP Lounge.jpg

Hoo hoo! Time for some deliciously aromatic coffee! Savour it!



Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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