Boom chak ! Cajón-mania

If you are wondering what the title is about, then you haven’t tried this fantastic method of reducing stress by rapping the rhythm, having heaps of fun hammering, strengthening your finger muscles when standing in traffic, learning to listen to the beat and simply losing yourself in a song. Too fun to be true?

My first encounter with this handcrafted wooden percussion “big box”, translation of the Spanish cajón (kah- HON) was at a Spanish guitar concert with this accompaniment. I was intrigued by the soft sonorous sound, the practical aspect of sitting atop one’s instrument and the convenient size and the astonishing array of rhythmic patterns or grooves a player can coax out of such a small box.

After the concert I started hunting around for lessons and found a great guy offering workshops, lessons and exquisitely crafted cajones made in Hungary. I soon became the proud owner of a lovely, deep sounding cajón that does not irk, but delights my neighbors, unlike any drum set or piano (no, I won’t settle for electronic devices, the sound is simply not the same).

Meanwhile I can tap out all sorts of basic grooves to the radio music that’s playing, I’ve become more coordinated and calmer, even a traffic jam is a welcome occasion to drum on the steering wheel and practise a new song. Boom! is for the bass, chak! is for the open in this hand-to-hand drumming. Ts! designates the in-between taps with your fingers. Not to forget tapping the basic beat with your foot. No worry, no knots. It’s a great way to relax. Just beat it!  For Munich I can recommend and instruments from Cajón Studio.

My favorite Cuban drinks are, naturally, mojito, daiquiri and pina colada with fresh juices and Cuban rum. And of course, anything salsa or son. As to sun hats, I love those Chillouts made of paper, they are so lightweight and can be squashed into any bag. Enjoy the sun, people!

Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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