intuition – female only?

Prévision du 4 juin 2018

Si vous avez parfois des intuitions qui sont presque des révélations, c’est le moment ou jamais d’être attentif à votre vie inconsciente. Que ce soit dans vos rêves nocturnes ou dans vos réflexions de la journée, certains signes pourraient se montrer extrêmement signifiants et vous permettre de prendre des décisions concrètes dans votre vie. N’hésitez donc pas à écouter vos instincts et vos impressions, vous aurez beaucoup à y gagner.

Honest, I love to read my horoscope. But not the trashy ones, like: “Today you should do more running.” or “Take care of your health.” Mine are personalized (sorry for the French!) and (often) really say something meaningful (to me).

You have no idea how often my intuition and instincts have preserved me from fortuitous pitfalls and traps that others had laid out for me. Yes, in these past six years I really had to watch out for my health, usually my mental health.

I could not believe how base fellow man can become to achieve some sort of goal, be it “Fame” or “Sexiest guy of the moment” or “Men are superior beings” or “I may be a woman but I don’t mind playing the guys’ dirty tricks“.

What has happened to the Romans’ memento mori ?  We are all perishable mortals, so what, please, is so fun about hurting and demoralizing others? Ladies, gents, boys and girls, listen to that little voice inside your head. That is your guardian angel, also known as intuition. Try to follow it and not the temptation of trying to be “bigger than life”. You will be lots happier. Smile!

Author: Djinn

"To those of us with real understanding, dancing is the only true art form" (Charles Schulz)

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